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Members - Introduction to Glass Cockpits - G1000

  • 10 May 2013
  • 7:00 PM
  • 12 Jul 2013
  • 9:00 PM
  • Fly The Box


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5 hours Simulator Time - 3 Additional Hours Ground (w/ Instructor)

Fly The Box, Introduction to G1000 System

Through this training the flight Instructor will give the client a basic understanding of the G1000 system. This will include the components; the modified scan for VFR flying, understanding the flight instruments, and navigating through the pages of the G1000 system. The last thing that will be covered will be basic input of flight plans and modifying  active plans.

The most important part of this training will cover emergencies and failures that can be encountered while operating the G1000 systems and what pilots can do to help themselves in the moments of an Emergency. The training instructor will be giving instruction on what to do in each scenario: Engine Failure, AHRS failure, ADC failure, and full Electrical Failure.


Aspects of Glass Cockpit flying should include the tendencies of new pilots to focus on the inside of the airplane instead of the outside traffic. It will be important that while flying Glass cockpit aircraft that each and every pilot maintain a vigilance of outside references and traffic!

1.1  G1000 System Overview

-Interchangeable Hardware

-G1000 Displays(PFD & MFD)

-GIA 63 (Integrated Avionics Units)

-GMA 1347(Audio Panel)

-GDC 74A (Air Data Computer)

-GRS 77 (Attitude Heading and Referencing System)

-GMU 44 (3-axis Magnetometer)

-GEA 71 (Engine/Airframe Unit)

-GDL 69A (Garmin Data Link)

1.2  Modified VFR Scan for the G1000 system

1.3  Navigating pages



      -Terrain Proximity

      -Storm Scope


      -Airport Information

      -Intersection Information

      -NDB Information

      -VOR Information


      -Trip Planning


      -GPS status

      -System Setup

      -System Status


      -Nearest Airport

      -Nearest Intersection

      -Nearest NDB

      -Nearest VOR

      -Nearest User Wpts

      -Nearest Frequencies

      -Nearest Airspaces

1.4  Flight Planning with The G1000

-Creating a Flight Plan

-Editing an Active Flight Plan

-Activate a leg in Active Flight Plan

-Deleting Active Flight Plan

1.5  Component Failures and Emergencies




-Radio Communications

-Nrst u


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